Legal Documents 

Pleadings and rulings in the Gorbachev v Guriev case


Mr Gorbachev’s legal team is led by Bernard O’Sullivan and Luke Pardey of City of London firm CMS and by Paul Lowenstein QC.

The case number is E40MA052.

Mr Gorbachev’s detailed claim, lodged at the English High Court (February 2020)

Judge’s Pearce’s ruling on service (October 2019)

Judge Pearce refuses Mr Guriev leave to appeal service ruling (November 2019)

Court of Appeal also refuses Mr Guriev permission to appeal Judge Pearce’s ruling (January 2020)

NEWS (December 2020): A Case Management Conference has now been scheduled for 17 March 2021. At this hearing, which will take place before a High Court Judge in the London Commercial Court, the Court is expected to deal with any contested applications and make directions for the case all the way through to trial.

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