1995: Mr Guriev and Mr Gorbachev take over the management of Apatit, PhosAgro’s predecessor company

1996: Mr Guriev first awards Mr Gorbachev a share of his stake in the business in recognition of the  increased exposure of his position as the public face of the company

1999: The PhosAgro Association is launched, with Mr Gorbachev as vice president and executive director

2001: First discussions about an IPO

2003: PhosAgro shows net profit, but figures linked to the business are arrested

2004: Mr Gorbachev is advised to leave Russia, but is not given any details of the alleged criminal activity involved – he is granted asylum in England (2005)

2005: Mr Guriev meets Mr Gorbachev in London to confirm their shareholdings

2008: Mr Guriev and Mr Gorbachev to discuss shareholdings, but, by the end of the year, he is no longer prepared to meet

2011-12: PhosAgro is floated on the Moscow Stock Exchange and Mr Guriev stops paying Mr      Gorbachev’s family’s expenses

2018: Mr Guriev and his entourage are served with legal papers

2019: Case disputing whether legal papers were served held in Manchester. Judge rules in Mr Gorbachev’s favour, paving the way for a full trial in the UK High Court to determine PhosAgro’s true ownership

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